Do CEOs of Big Companies Still Use Business Cards?

Do CEOs of big companies still use business cards? The answer to that question may surprise you. While they are still widely used, the CEOs of big companies don’t typically slap their names on them. Unlike their peers, CEOs are not as easily misidentified. For instance, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s business card had the word “Chief” misspelled, while his actual title was actually “CEO”. Perhaps this is why they prefer to maintain some degree of mystery and anonymity when it comes to their personal branding.

Business cards are the backbone of any marketing campaign. They represent a company’s identity and play a big role in getting out there and reaching prospective customers. A reputable businessperson will tell you that business cards are an important part of the package. After all, they’re the first thing a prospect sees from your business. If you have an attractive and impressive card, it’s likely that your prospect will remember you.

While a typical businessperson may not use a business card, there are some ways to stand out in a crowd. Using non-standard titles, such as chief satisfaction officer, chief convergence officer, or chief quality officer, will help you to get noticed by potential customers. In addition to a traditional business card, you can also make your name stand out by using stamps. Stamps with your business card information will make you stand out in a crowd and help you differentiate yourself from other competitors.

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