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How to Manage Multiple Facebook Advertising Accounts

You may wonder if it’s possible to have multiple Facebook advertising accounts. While the answer is yes, it can be tricky. Facebook’s policies are quite strict, and you should consider using a third party to manage your accounts. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of the performance of all your campaigns and see which ones are most effective. You can even ask a third party to manage your ad accounts if your primary one gets banned by Facebook.

The good news is that Facebook allows you to manage multiple advertising accounts without any difficulty. There are two methods: a legitimate way and an unsafe one. The former allows you to have up to 25 accounts, but technically, it’s against the terms and conditions for Facebook ads. www afilmywap gg With the legitimate method, you can have up to 25 advertisers and analysts, but you can only have one ad account at a time.

The other option is to use a service called Facebook Business Manager. It allows you to manage multiple accounts and assign partners and people to manage them infosportsworld. Once you’ve created your account, you can then link the other ad accounts from Facebook Business Manager. tunai4d Once linked, you’ll have a dashboard to track all of your ads and business activity. And if you want to use an agency, you can request access to their accounts thebirdsworld.

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