Is it True That Louis Vuitton Burns All of Their Unsold Bags?

If you are looking for the answer to the question Is it true that Louis Vuittons burns all of their unsold bags, you’ve come to the right place. This article will answer that question and give you more information on the company’s environmental policy. There is a reason why this company burns all of its unsold bags: they want to maintain their exclusivity by never offering any products for sale at cheaper prices. Also, when the seasons change, the company has to get rid of seasonal pieces.

While LV has never confirmed this, industry insiders have told us that the company does burn all of its unsold bags every year. This is done to prevent the creation of fake bags and to protect the brand’s reputation. After all, who would want to buy an old Louis Vuitton bag? Some insiders say that this is the only way to prevent counterfeits.

The company’s bags have become legendary. Many celebrities, including Rihanna and Taylor Swift, carry Louis Vuitton bags. The luxury brand has a loyal following and their bags quickly become instant hits. The company has an extensive waiting list for their bags. While the company would like to keep the bags out of landfills, there is still a lot of waste in their factories buxic.

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